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Adding a custom product   MPS Site Development Checklist
  Client Content Checklist
Addings Margins to Suppliers   MPS User Guide
Adding a Sub Deocration   System Messages Checklist
Adding a user defined product category   MPS Terms and Conditions
Changing supplier margins    
Changing menu headings    
Changing what supplier appears first in a search    
Creating a Quote    
Custom quote feature    
Editing a datafile to have different quantity breaks    
Exporting client email addresses    
Finding Existing Quotes    
GP Margin Calculation (Optional Extra)    
Link to an email address    
Meta keywords and meta description tags    
Uploading a custom range    
Uploading a PDF    
Resizing an image    
Saving a page before editing it    
Adding and Editing a Client
Important Note: Entire Word Documents or Existing Web Pages cannot be copied into the editor due to the complications of the existing formatting. Text must be copied into Notepad first to remove all formatting and images must be saved and uploaded via the editor to be linked to your site.
Xebra Tutorials   
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Updating Xebra    
A Guide to Updating Xebra    
A Guide to Documenting Forms & Set-up    
A Guide to Supplier Quote Requests    
A Guide to Quoting    
A Guide to new quote layout grouping    
Adding a logo to forms    
Xebra Release Notes    
Xebra Remote Access Set-Up    
Xebra Server Transition Instructions    

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Brandsites Manual  
Changing the Slider Appearance  

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